Brighton with RAZWAN

Assalamu’alaikum everyone!

I’ve originally promised to go back to blogging after my exams are all out of my way. So supposedly I’ll be back here next week, but I’ve done hours and hours of revision and I just thought I’d steal a few minutes of my break to update you lovely people on the Brighton story. It kills me that I’ve been postponing the final story of RAZWAN ADVENTURES!

To be honest, I think the reason as to why I haven’t been as focused and determined to type away the wonderful holiday in Brighton is mainly because I don’t remember 90% of the names of places that we went to.

But yada-yada-yada, let’s not waste time and hope for the best that this one will go well.

It was about 10PM in London, Hazwan and I went on a train along with my brother’s girlfriend (Qai) and a few of our friends who currently lives in Brighton. I was exhausted as hell, so as usual, I tried to take as much sleep I could on the train to Brighton since it was already late.

We arrived in Brighton and Qai had my brother prepared to pick us up at the train station. Just as I thought I could completely settle in, I realised we had to take another short train ride to wherever area he’s currently living in. I would’ve been complaining, but I was honestly happy to see my brother and somehow, automatically I just felt at peace.

Again, even with the 10 minutes train ride I managed to doze off. #PLSsendhelp2syidah. Once we got off the rain, we dragged and rolled our luggages to his house which surprisingly wasn’t that far. It was a good 6 minutes walk. Yes, I was counting the time but that’s only because I was thinking of how many minutes I have left to climb to bed and sleep, again #PLSsendhelp2syidah. The first night wasn’t anything huge considering it was late and everyone (me,me,me) just wanted to settle in and get some rest.

The next day, I woke up to noises coming from downstairs. Those sound of laughter, plates and metal spoons clinging together. I loved it. I’ve been waking up alone since I’ve been in UK so to wake up to familiar home sounds was indeed very VERY nice which in turn got me into a really good mood.

Farid, Qai and Hazwan prepared breakfast and my god I felt SO welcome. Croissants everywhere, and some kind of….idk? what looks like a peanut butter spread, but I’m not really sure, all I know now is the boys were bragging so much about how good it was and forced me to try it. Yeap, Y U M M Y! Ahhh… good breakfast with good people.

That morning, everything started off quite slow and calm for me. We all had a quick video call with my family back home, said hello and gave in a quick update then off the two boys went out to pray their Friday prayers, although they later found out that the mosque was closed, Hahaha, WELP!

I on the other hand, took my time showering and hair drying only to realised that Qai was already waiting for me downstairs. She had another plan going on which was to drop me off to the boys whilst she rush and pick up her friend from the train station. (SO sorry Qai, I’m slow when it comes to getting ready)

First day out was great but only god knows how windy the weather was. It was SO windy there was literally no point that I even bothered to blow dry and comb my hair properly that morning. Within minutes of going out, my hair was everywhere. Don’t get me started with thick hair problems.

Side note: I had an argument with Hazwan that day over the most stupidest thing but we cool now we cool.

We went around Brighton and my goodness, Brighton, why are you SO beautiful???? How????? you could pass as Paris to be honest. Sure, during the day it was crazy windy and my hair went all cray cray but I gotta say, the night vibes in Brighton was and is truly romantic.

Forget about NY city lights, you have got to see the fairy lights in Brighton. FAIRY LIGHTS. I LOOOOOOVE FAIRY LIGHTS. They’ve decorated them so nicely with words and symbols. I love them all. Brighton, you win at night. I swear.

I remember going to Brighton Pier and going into the arcade. Didn’t win anything as usual. I feel like they’re fake (probably what all losers would say about any arcade games hahahahahaha). I remember going to a nice fancy Italian restaurant with the boys (Farid and Hazwan, ofc) and ordered up lasagna and spaghetti bolognese. FOOD IS GOOD SO RASYIDAH IS HAPPY.

I also remember going to a place where I felt like I was making my way from one place to another in zig-zags. I felt like I was in a maze but for every corner that I got to, I could always find really cool minishops that sells really weird stuff plus hey, don’t forget those fairy lights dangling everywhere so no matter how lost I felt, I ain’t complaining.

One of the nights in Brighton, Hazwan and I decided to go Ice Skating at the Royal Pavilion. I am SO bad at ice skating, I normally would just hold onto the railings on the side throughout the whole 1 hour, but with Hazwan, I learnt to get off the railings and skate with him (only because he’s my own railing that moves) so whereever he ice skated, I had to aswell HAHAH. I got the hang of it but I still refused to Ice skate without holding him.

LOLLLL and JUST as we were starting to feel pretty good about our ice skating progress, I slipped forward and so did Hazwan. I can still replay back how I fell down and how hard Hazwan tried to restrain himself from slipping which made him panic and slipped looking all silly. We had a pretty great laugh about it though so it’s all good.

Going to Brighton means going to the one and only Brighton Pier. There’s really no point of visiting Brighton if you don’t make a proper time to enjoy yourself at the Brighton Pier. I remember going to this ‘Horror Hotel’ ride and there was barely any thrill, Hahaha what a waste of money :’).

I also remember going into some kind of Photo-booth machine with Hazwan, but instead of taking pictures, the booth provided a drawing service. So they’ll snap a photo of you and have it drawn digitally (for quite a long time….), but LOL the machine ran out of paper so again, wasted our money on nothing :’)


HAHAHAH ^ would you just look at that??

HOWEVER, we went on this really cool ride called the BOOSTER ride (something like that) which my brother had been nagging me about and was excited to let me get on the ride. He just needed to make sure I’m ‘tall’ enough. YES YES I AM.


I didn’t know what to expect but from the looks of it, it seems like it was going to be a high ride. I had to sit separately from Hazwan in order to balance the whole ride (its complicated, I really can’t explain it, Hahahahaha) BUT, point is, I had to face it alone without Hazwan next to me, AHHHHHH

Long story short, the ride? CRAZY. CRAAAAAAZY. It went up so high and started going into circular motions with different speed. What’s even more scary was the fact that the sea was right there so you could potentially fall into the sea if there was a problem with the safety but of course there wasn’t, Hahahahahaha.

Food in Brighton is amazing especially the Kebabs. Gimme chicken kebab with no veg and extra garlic sauce and cheese, and you’ll see a smile light up on my face.

The malls in Brighton are amazing too, I think its the vibe in Brighton in general that’s pretty much so lovely that you’ll feel like you’re in between feeling homie but also on a holiday. So there’s that fantasy kind of feeling. I’m sure its the fairy lights thats causing me to feel that way.

To be honest, Farid and Qai did a wonderful job at making us feel welcome and bringing us around Brighton. They even brought us to Brighton Marina and also parks where we decided to play around with our cameras and have a quick photoshoot all out of a sudden. Worth it.

On our final day in Brighton, we all stayed in as we were having a christmas theme dinner and my brother had his friends to come over. So in the morning of our last day, Hazwan and I were busy with decorating the living room and making it look as christmasy as we can whilst Qai and Farid spent a lot of time cooking and preparing food for that night’s dinner.

People started coming and bringing in food. Ruz (cool gaaalll) made this REALLY REALLY good hot chocolate, I’m not kidding. It’s the best one I’ve ever tasted, and the fact that she made it from scratch is just pretty wonderful. A* effort for you Ruz.

Christmas songs were played in the background and we all felt very very festive. Through out rest of the night, we all just played games and stuffed out tummy with food.

I planned a mini birthday surprise for Hazwan’s birthday since I didn’t get to properly celebrate it on his actual day. So I decided to have a quick birthday cake surprise with the help of others too. But of course, he guessed it. I don’t know if it was because my brother was making it obvious or that Hazwan just expected it. I don’t know, but it still went well so that’s all that matters. Also, A* effort for the wordings on the cake! (I don’t know how I managed to do A levels Art, I mean, just look at that cake)


That was it! I don’t think Hazwan and I would’ve enjoyed Brighton without the wonderful Farid and Qai. So massive thank you to the both of them for taking care of us, feeding us and entertaining us. I love them both and I’m glad I get to spend time with them.

I hope this wasn’t too boring and I’m just really glad that I managed to type this story out. It feels really good to reminisce about it and I hope to go to Brighton again soon (with hazwan again pls!!!!) Have a good day, everyone 🙂

I’ll be back next week with another thing to share 🙂

I promised myself a quick break! So Assalamualaikum and bye-bye butterfly!