London with RAZWAN

Salaam everyone! Whilst I’m waiting for my rice to be cooked, let me just take this chance to continue blogging on my Winter Break with Hazwan. I’ve covered Wolverhampton & Birmingham, Next stop : L O N D O N !

This will be long. Apologies for that but I did summarised it. Imagine if I didn’t, It would’ve been LONGER!

So again, Assalamualaikum and Hi to you wonderful readers. I’m just going to cut to the chase. It was the fifth day of Hazwan’s visit and it was also his 20th birthday! In the morning of the 21st of December, we left Wolverhampton to go to London. Unfortunately the purpose of going there wasn’t because It was his birthday but rather, because we had to attend the JZ ceremony in London along with other Bruneians.

So imagine having all the Bruneians around UK in one place, under one roof. Ahhhh, them home vibes!

We left Wolverhampton around 7:30AM. However, I clearly remember us running with our luggages at 7:15 to the train station. We couldn’t even wait for the elevator so we ended up sprinting up and down the stairs with our luggages! aaaaannnd……. we managed to get on the train 3 minutes before it started to move. PHEWH!

Tbh, I felt really bad. The last thing I wanted to happen was for Hazwan to feel exhausted and so out of breath on his birthday. So really, I actually felt bad that he had to run around with panic so early in the morning on his special day. Plus, to have me panicking and bossing around wasn’t a good combination and really isn’t something you’d want to add if you’re already feeling pressured enough. (Sayang – if you’re reading this, I’m SO sorry.)

The journey took about 3 hours with so many stops in between. I’m the type of person who’s normally up all night and I find it really hard to fall asleep whenever I’m supposed to. However, It is in fact easier for me to fall asleep with loud noises, especially when someone’s mowing the lawn. I swear I’d fall asleep to that so peacefully. Point is, I managed to sleep during the 3 hours train ride to London especially with the noises of people’s cough, conversations, train announcements and etc in the background. Ahh – Good nap, good nap.

Hazwan on the other hand, found it a bit difficult to rest well on the train that day, especially knowing that he really isn’t the type of person who can bear to stay still. I mean, REALLY, he can’t. (He did though, but he was probably suffering silently in his own mind). Tbh, He has a lot of hyperactivity going on in him. Whenever I read symptoms of ADHD regarding that factor, I tend to think of him. Hahahahahahahaha ok not something to joke about. Sorry.

So anyway, we arrived in London, took a cab from Euston Station to Brunei Hall so we could put out luggages there and have the rest of our day going out (PFT, who are we kidding? we all know that we’re just going to stuff our tummy with food).

We were planning to go to Harrods (typical, let us be), so in the morning of our arrival and having our luggages secured in BH, off we went to Paddington station. Problem with me is, I don’t know how to get around London. I don’t even dare to use the bus in UK, so how the heck was I suppose to know how to use the tube in London. Hazwan was trying to figure it out too. Stress started to eat my mind up and I decided to leave the station and get breakfast instead, especially knowing that we haven’t had any meal before our jounry from Wolverhampton (or maybe I  was just trying to come up with an excuse to eat).Plus, there was no way Hazwan would say no to that anyway!

We went to Melur, the Malaysian restaurant that I genuinely know serves really really good food! Especially the chicken, and the fried rice. AAAHH!. I swear, before, we were so stressed out (or maybe it just me….), but with the combination of eating those delicious meals and drinking Ice Milo as well as feeling warm with the heater next to us, we became so calm. We were confident to let ourselves go back to Paddington and give it a try to learn the routes. And so we did.

We managed to go from one place to another with ease. Hazwan was a huge help tbh, I think he matched the puzzles quickly whereas I still had to ask him every now and then to know if we’re at the right place, or if we’re going to the correct place. Like I’ve mentioned before, he’s a fast learner.

We went to Harrods, and went a wee bit cray cray there, said goodbye to our money but hello to new Harrods Items! HEHE. We went back to BH, put our things in the luggage, and then made our way to a place around Hyde Park where he was staying overnight with his friends.

Busy busy busy and then it was 5:30PM. Although the main purpose of why we decided to go to London that day was to be able to attend JZ on the next day, I did had one more reason – WINTER FREAKING WONDERLAND and on top of all that, it was his birthday for heaven’s sake!

We walked together and on our way there, we kept saying “oh, tuuu! I can see it. It’s there!”. After countless amount of “We’re almost there”, we finally arrived and we just couldn’t stop smiling and I’m sure the amount of happiness that was going on inside our minds were shooting fireworks and confetti!

We looked around, felt all the christmas fun fair vibes and played games. “Toss the ring” was making me crazy, but funnily enough, the basketball game made Hazwan 10 times crazier than I felt on the first game we played. All his shots were so incredibly close to getting into the hoop, to the point that people stopped walking and just stared and hoped for him to get the ball in. When he did with his last ball, we realised that he needed to at least shoot 2 balls in! He tried and tried and tried. Honestly, I’m still amazed and proud of him. He didn’t need to win it, I could see he was really good at it.

We went and looked at the rides that we wanted to get on. Unfortunately, I forgot the name of the first ride, but I know I enjoyed it. Hazwan became so quiet due to the fact that he felt so overwhelmed by how high it went and how cold it was. The next ride we went on was the XXL ride! I wasn’t that scared since I’ve been on it before so I knew what to expect. For a first timer, I knew it’d be scary and fun at the same time so I was really looking forward for Hazwan to get on it. Of course, as expected it was SO fun, even though we were screaming our lungs out. I just thought we needed that kind of relief. Believe it or not, we only went on those 2 rides, and we already felt that it was more than enough. I don’t think we needed to go on as many rides to fulfil everything, because those 2 rides were more than enough and we did had a lot of fun.

Fun done, moving along…..FOOD! We ate waffles (of course, why would we miss out waffles) and churros!

The next day, we were all ready for JZ with out MIB attire and feeling a bit of a raya-kind-of vibe. We went to London Hilton, registered, ate and waited.

…….and waited……

and waited…………………

and waited some more…


Stood and sat down for about 5-6 hours! The amount of regrets I was feeling from wearing heels. Oh my goodness. But I guess It was worth it to receive some cash afterwards! HEHE. After hours and hours spent in London Hilton and meeting other Bruneians, we left and decided to go back to BH, freshen up, change our clothes to comfy casual attires and of course, EAT.

We went back to the restaurant we went to the day before and ordered the same meal we did before. Ah….Relaxed and then feeling satisfied and full, Alhamdulillah. We went back to BH, sat and walked around, whilst we patiently waited to leave.

Leave? Where to? You may ask (or maybe not, since you may not care), but we were leaving for Brighton (which also explains why we had luggages with us) And that, ladies and gentleman, is what I’ll be writing about next (when I have the time to OK, don’t pressure me huhu)

Again I hope for the same thing whenever I’ve finished typing, which is – for it to not be too boring, or a waste of your time. I’m constantly grateful to realised that a lot of you actually come to this blog voluntarily as I only mention about this blog personally to only quite a few. So thank you and I hope this really didn’t waste any of your precious time.

Til next time!