Birmingham with RAZWAN

Assalamualaiukum and Hi incredible readers! It’s with great pleasure for me to continue and blog about my winter break of 2016 that Hazwan and I spent together.

As promised, I will go on blogging about our time in Birmingham. This one is going to be long, but believe it or not it is already a summary.  Keep reading to know the places we went and what we did! Let the first photo be a sneakpeek :

As some of you might already know, Birmingham is just 17 minutes train ride away from where I live. You can actually play Taylor Swift’s Blank Space 4 times and before you know it, you’re only 2 seconds away from arriving in Birmingham.

Considering that the journey going there is super easy, Hazwan and I went to Birmingham a couple of times. To me, Birmingham is basically the city centre. Shopping in Wolverhampton is definitely fine, but I guess if you’re going for more branded shops and have your money in your bank account drained by your desires, then yes go to Birmingham hahahaha.

The Grand Central is ALWAYS the first place we went to every time we arrive in Birmingham, namely because it is part of the train station. So we were immediately exposed to one heck of a shopping centre.

During one of the days in Birmingham, we spent our day going around shopping. We went to see the big Apple Store.

Now, if you know someone who is obsessed with technology, then definitely bring them to the Apple Store. We honestly fell in love with how the building was constructed. Hazwan of course went a wee bit crazy. I guess thats what you have to expect and deal with, especially with someone who’s all about the technology and not to mention, has a brain filled with IT skills and knowledge.


We went to buy ourselves iPhone covers from the Apple Store itself. Simple yet interestingly pleasing. Hazwan’s inlove with it, he didn’t even give a damn to put it on right away and then keeping the box safe. He strictly told me not to throw the box away. Too precious, I’m guessing. I just don’t see it, tbh hahahaha. Anyway, I bought an earphones and a power bank (yes, yes, we were really treating ourselves in that building, it’s like a curse and we’re not even sorry about it)

First stop and we already blew our money away hahahaha. Trust me, we had many, many more stops along the way. We went to Vans, Smiggle, some kind of chocolate shop, a candy store and etc. The best ones are always the “hidden” ones. To be real with you, I’m losing track on where we went. Too much shopping, i suppose. BUT, we also spent time looking around the city enjoying the place full of arts and music.

I guess whenever we decided to walk around, we just ended up finding really cool places and those places are all shops, where Hazwan found his “ideal” shops and I ended up buying candles. Aaahhh…I’m in love with things with really sweet scents.

If you can get Hazwan to cool down by giving him Fried Chicken, then good scents works for me.

There was this one shop that made Hazwan do a lot of thinking. It was all because of a keyboard. Ofcourse to him, it’s not just a keyboard. It’s one of the most Ideal keyboard used for gaming.

I, for one, am not a fan of gaming but to see how much fun and joy it gives to someone, in this case, Hazwan, actually makes me both laugh and confused. It was of course a bit pricy and he wouldn’t be surprised if I said No to that. He kept putting it back on the shelf and pushed me slowly to walk away together but then again, why live with regret when you have an opportunity to avoid it?

It’s unlikely for me to convince someone to buy something, especially when it’s related to Gaming. But my guts was telling me “Trust me, It’s worth it”

so yes, yes, he got it. Heheheheeheheehhehe.


However, despite all the shoppings, we really enjoyed going to Yo Sushi, there’s never a day that we’d miss our opportunity to dine there whenever we decide to go to Birmingham. We’d order our usual Popcorn Shrimp (for Hazwan) and Takoyaki (for me). We tried playing it safe just so we choose halal dishes. And my god, I still can’t get over the meal. DELICIOUS, I swear, and to have the Aloe Vera as our beverage is just, idk, I feel complete. Hahahaha. We also went to Nando’s but then realised after our first dine there, that it isn’t Halal. LOL…

Oh, remember how I mentioned that we always go for Dessert? Good god, ‘The Cookie Dough’ in Birmingham is wonderful, especially the classic chocolate chip milk cookie dough. Worth it. That’s always our way to have a mini break from all the overwhelming exposure of shopping malls.

Also, it’s pretty easy to find photo booths all around here, and we’ve gone into about 5 photo booths and I was never satisfied with the photos. The final time we took photos in the Photo Booth, the outcome just made the both of us laughed so hard uncontrollably.

One thing I should mention – we only went to Birmingham for 2 reasons. Either shopping or we have an event we wanna go to. So I’ve covered the shopping bits, now moving on, The Magical Latern Festival that took place at the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham. That was definitely a last minute plan but yolooooo. We walked around looking at the beautifully decorated lights that made everything 10 times festive. From flowers, to animals to santa claus and his reindeers, It was all wonderfully done. However, it was raining and I’m certain that the both of us were freezing cold that all we wanted to do was to go indoors. So we didn’t really get to appreciate much of the festival. Don’t get me wrong, it was in fact, a lovely event. We were just, you know, shivering… so… hahahaha.

Other than the Magical Lantern Festival, we also went Ice Skating at the Ice Skate Birmingham and went on the big wheel ride that went around 6 times, so really it was worth it. The place is absolutely beautiful, I’m still in love with the whole scenery and I doubt It’ll ever be easily erased from my mind.

That’s honestly it in terms of what we did and where we went to in Birmingham. I love it there, but of couse, my heart will always prefer Wolverhampton. Birmingham is just a place for escapism, but Wolverhampton is home to me.

Stay tune for the next upcoming post on our winter break in London! As always, I wish you all a good day!