Wolverhampton with RAZWAN

In case you thought I made a typo error on Hazwan’s name, I didn’t. I just made a combination of Rasyidah and Hazwan. HAAAAA.

Disgusting, I know.

Actually, no, I’ve always loved it.

This is a continuation of my previous post revolving around the topic of my winter break with a lovely visit from my most favourite person.

(If you haven’t had a clue on what this is about, have a read on my previous post so you know where I’m coming from with this


In this post, I intend to cover and address a ‘summary’ of our pleasant and lovely time in Wolverhampton as a start. It won’t all be arranged in orders of Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 and so on as it will (and I swear to god) take up a long time to type as well as to read. The last thing I want to do is to bore the death out of your precious time since you all are sweet enough to even have a read at this. Thank you btw ❤

I’ll definitely move on to talking about the other lovely places outside Wolverhampton that we went to on the next post I’ll be working on.

Truthfully said, I love Wolverhampton. I guess some people tend to look down on it due to the fact that it’s a town rather than a city, but I love how everything is just nice.

It’s not too busy, it’s not too dead quiet.

It’s not too big, It’s not too cramped.

It’s not too crowded nor is it empty.

It’s perfect and I love it.

Within the time that we spent here together, the first thing we did was of course, shopping. It was merely just for the most essential items that Hazwan needed to really adapt in the ice cold weather such as sweaters and coat, considering the warmest thing he brought with him here was a jacket, hahahaha. Again, bless him.

I didn’t want to make his day as packed knowing that he had a long long long flight and he needed to take a rest.

So after shopping around Mander/Wulfruna Centre, we went out for dinner at Nando’s. Mmmm!

Guess whose eyes started to sparkle and smile became wider? Hazwan.

Because well.. chicken makes him happy. Like truly and genuinely happy. You can piss him off, or make him feel exhausted, but give him a plate of chicken, and trust me, he’ll light up like nothing has bothered him.

Other days in Wolverhampton, we walked around and I showed him the places I tend to go to, just so he’d get an idea of my daily life here and where I go to for certain things like grocery shopping or uni.

I brought him to Asda and bought food I needed to stock up, mainly Maggi tho so HAHA. I showed him around my Uni and directed him the routes. He’s a quick learner so he picked up the ways to go around Wolverhampton instantly. Good boy, he is. We took photos along the way as we walked around the town,the football stadium, night walks down town and etc.

We also went to the Wolverhampton’s Art Gallery and looked around the beautiful strange things we found such as the old fashion paintings, games, and accessories displayed in the art gallery. At this point, Hazwan was very active with his “IG story” where he kept updating almost everything we did and everywhere we went every hour. Hahaha oh dear.

Other than sightseeing, we of course spent our time stuffing our belly with food, glorious food. If you know me, I love waffles and the place that I tend to bring people to with me is Kaspa’s. I’ve been bragging about this place to Hazwan through WhatsApp and I’m glad I had a chance to bring him there. Dessert was in fact a major meal that we had together in Wolverhampton. From ordering Crepes at Kaspa’s to Cookie dough at The Little Dessert Shop to Waffles at Ice Stone Gelato. I’m telling you, dessert, dessert and dessert.

However, our favourite go-to  is a restaurant right next block from where I live. Hazwan is OBSESSED with the chicken wings and I’d order my usual number 12 (God’s own burger creation sent from heaven ahhhhhhhh). I swear, I always find ourselves going back to that small restaurant every two days and we have never gotten sick of the taste (doubt that we ever will tbh)

Don’t worry, we didn’t always had a meal out. There were days where we preferred to dine in and have a home-cooked lunch or dinner. Funny story, I tried to make ‘Cornbeef burgerdil’ with Hazwan. We were SO confident about it and we honestly made a good team working together. Problem was, it was a total fail. LOL and I just completely lost faith in trying to make one. Sigh, theres 6 table spoons of corn beef I’ll never get back again. Ahh what a waste. It’s okay, we tried. But really, what a waste!

During our time here shopping, we kept going to pound land, Hazwan has a thing for it. He finds it so beneficial and we keep going back to the store. We also went out and got ourselves new matching shoes whilst we were here. Trust me, we’re not trying to be cheezy and all ‘matchy-matchy’. Hazwan has always had a thing for shoes, and he takes care of them like their fragile, more fragile than a new born baby. But anyway, we just thought it’d be nice to buy the same kind of shoes for once. Til this day, I love the pair!

Other than the things I’ve typed out, that’s basically what we did, sightseeing, shopping, eat, eat and eat. I live in an area that’s convenient to go to different places so going out was never a problem. Unplanned days just consist of him being in his own bubble playing League of Legends, taking up all the chances he has with the fast wifi in UK. Sigh, Bless him, AGAIN.

From what I heard.. (and I hope this is true) he loves Wolverhampton the most. SO YES GOOD.

I honestly hope this didn’t bore you and that you’ll stay tune for the next post on our winter break in Birmingham together! Have a good day ❤