UK, say Hello to HAZWAN!!!

Hello hello helloooo! I’m back, Heheeeeee.

As you are in know of things, It’s January 2017 now and for that, I want to wish you all a happy new year ❤

I haven’t been posting anything at all in December, namely because I’ve been very, very busy. So for all the wonderful things that has happened last month will be fully updated on this blog by this month!

(I’ll start now)

16th December was the month I’ve been dying to reach ever since I started a long distance relationship with Hazwan. There were days where I felt like everything didn’t seem right internally because I wasn’t used to the fact that I couldn’t meet or hang out with him in person.

Sure, we talk through FaceTime and Skype, but that’s nothing compared to seeing each other in person and actually hang out and talk without feeling rushed.

When it comes to long distance relationship, Time becomes noticeably limited due to time differences. It’s not a surprise to have one of you doze off after only 20 minutes of talking. So yes, there were days where I felt crushed both emotionally and mentally just trying to cope with the distance, but what kept me going was the fact that I knew he was coming in December. So most of my days here consist of countdowns. Literally.

I already felt happy the day he started packing. That’s when it hit the both of us that we’ll finally see each other after 3 months of being apart.

15th December 2016 was a busy day for us. He had his flight set on that day but he wasn’t going to arrive in London until the next day since it was a 17 hours flight. Lol, bless him.

I, on the other hand, took a train from Wolverhampton to London. AAAHHH Imagine the excitement! The “ I’ll see you tomorrow ” text. AAAHH I LOVE.

I, for one, am not the type of person who’s brave enough to go anywhere far from home alone. The furthest I went from Wolverhampton is Birmingham, LOL and the distance is just 20 minutes train ride apart – Goodness. So going to London, (a train ride that takes up almost 2 hours…) actually terrifies me. However,I wasn’t even scared. I knew my purpose of going there was to pick Hazwan up the next day.

What made me a million times happier was I knew I’d be going back on that 2 hour train to Wolverhampton with Hazwan by my side.


I went to London and got picked up by my adorable cousin who kindly told me in advanced to stay over with her. I’m a hundred percent certain that we pulled an all-nighter. A part of me wanted to sleep just to kill time and wake up and go straight to the airport but I was too excited that I wasn’t sleepy at all.Not even a single yawn.

2:00AM : I’m in the room laughing.
3:00AM : We were listening to music.
4:00AM : We were checking Instagram.
5:00AM : The cab arrived and I was SOOOOO ready to go to the airport HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEE.

I was too exited that I had to knock my cousin’s door because I’ve forgotten my coat. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind shivering in the cold weather, all I needed was to see Hazwan. That’s it.

I arrived at the airport, running for my life to the arrival area even though he wasn’t arriving in another hour. I was texting my best friend who was getting all excited which made me a billion times more excited and nervous. Nervous because I had butterflies in my tummy. I was also busy updating his mom and sister upon his arrival, so that kept me occupied.

The clock struck 6:45 and it hit me.

OMG. we’re breathing the same air. He’s already in the UK. omg. God, help me. Calm me down.

He didn’t come out until 7:45AM, I didn’t even notice that I was at the airport for nearly 2 hours waiting for him. HAHA.

But my goodness, the moment I saw him and the minute he waved and smiled, my heart just melted in awe. (I didn’t show him, cause I was trying to act cool anyway, lol, lame.) But my tummy was filled with those butterflies flying around feeling, and aaahhh I just wanted to hug him. He’s so cute eeee. Sorry, I’m obsessive, I know.

I don’t want to make this post too long as I’m just trying to focus on the day of his arrival, hehe. For the next upcoming posts, I’ll just focus on the places we went to and the things we did together.

Honestly, I haven’t quite figured out how I’ll write it. I’d most probably divide the stories into the places we went to, such as Wolverhampton, Birmingham, London and Brighton. So just bear with me, hehe.

I hope that wasn’t too boring and you felt how eager and jumpy I was on that day! That was definitely the happiest day of my life and I hope you all find today one of the happiest day of yours too, so enjoy today with a smile on your face.


I’m sure behind this sweet smile, he’s feeling tired from that 17 hours flight.