My monthly food survival

I’m not sure which word caught your attention – food or survival. I’m guessing food but nonetheless – whichever word managed to get you to click the title, I’m always thankful and you’re certainly welcome for some random short reading visits on this page 🙂

This specific topic isn’t actually important nor does it have any impact onto anyone (not that i know of..)  This is merely just me stating what I feed myself in a monthly basis, which I know might sound boring and irrelevant. But honestly, I’ve only had a proper dine out 3 times ever since I got here, and those 3 were Nando’s. That’s literally it. Apart from all that, I prefer to cook and I’m amazed that it works for me.

I, for one, am not a professional chef, nor do I have any passion to be one. If I were back home in Brunei, I’d probably cook myself instant noodles every single day. This is probably because they are constantly being restocked every 5 days so HAHAH. If being at home isn’t the situation then, I’d be having lunch out which happens too often if I have to be quite honest with you. This is a good thing if your other half is always up for food hunting adventures together.

However, I’ve come to realised that managing ‘money spending’ is one of the biggest aspect of survival. You might think … “ duhhhhhh ofcourseee, Isn’t it always??”

Yes, It is. But I just never really knew how important it was until I got here. It used to be easier to have the little things paid for you like a pack of gum. But the reality is so much clearer now that I am in charge of everything that has anything to do with me and only me. This legitimately means everything that revolves around my needs. What I cloth myself with (coats,accessories,shoes,scarves) , What I need to help myself study (stationaries, printer, textbooks, more and more books), What I need to entertain myself with (Train tickets for events, trips, Keyboard, spotify), What I need for transportation (so again train tickets, uber) and not to mention – What I need for myself to stay alive (FOOOOOOOOOOOD)

Forget those never ending wish list from New Look and H&M. That can wait. Think of your list for groceries then go back to your other needs. I tend to separate my meals into three types, so I’d have choices for different days and appetite, namely; Italian, Asian and Indian. It’s as simple as that.

When I think of Italian cravings, I’d have choices to make carbonara or spaghetti bolognese.

As for asian taste, HAH, easy – Rice and all you need is the additional ingredients like eggs if what you’re aiming for is fried rice. People think you need to buy chicken breasts and so on, when in fact you could just buy popcorn chicken or nuggets and have them fried. Select 7-10 pieces and cut them so you don’t need to throw everything from the packet into the pan and waste more money restocking your precious nuggets.

If you want to be creative, mix them with others spices or sauces. Saves more time than you cleaning and cutting the chicken breast or wings tbh. The main spices I normally put for 80% of what I cook is garlic salt and Italian herbs. Idk man, I loooove salty food and I tend to make everything turn all Italian with just a pinch of herbs on every meal I make.

When it comes to indian cuisine, I normally go for Paratha. HEHEHEHE. How can you not daydream about all those martabak you’ve ordered at C.A Mohammad when you were in Brunei? Seriously? Trust me, the frozen one helps a lot and all you need it to heat up your pan and flip your frozen paratha on each side every 10 seconds. Even by doing so, you’d feel like a pro chef when all you’re doing is just flipping the ready made paratha base. Worth it as it leaves your craving satisfied.

Apart from that, I’d usually just go for my common choice of instant noodles and hot milo. Not because I’m saving up money and playing safe or anything, I just genuinely love it and I don’t mind having that as a choice to eat. Shout out to Asda for providing “Maggi Kari” and “Maggi Ayam”, not to mention “Mee Sedap” HEEEE!

But anyway, point is – I don’t make my meal complicated. I just simply let my self have options to choose from depending on my appetite. You don’t need to go over the top when choosing food, as long as you have simple choices the way I try to divide them into.. (Eg. Italian, Asian & Indian).

Honestly saying, I don’t want to stress too much on thinking “oh I have to google how to cook this (big fancy out- of- the-world meal)”  or “oh I have to buy SO many ingredients (just to make one meal..)” when in fact, you can just try to play it safe and know how to use them wisely and creatively.

With popcorn chicken, you could have it with fried rice, or melted cheese on top or even with bread where you try to convey the ‘mix and match’ meal as your own burger. Really, there are many types of meal you could make with just that one food and that, ladies and gents, is how I don’t starve myself.

Apologies again if this post seem irrelevant, if you’ve found it somewhat interesting and helpful, then bless you child. Hope you have your eyes ready to read upcoming posts on this blog!