The Vale Firework (Homesick – GONE)

Ahh, here we go again. Another blog consisting my day out with the Bruneians. Yes, it was just 2 weeks ago that I wrote a blog about an outing to the Botanical Gardens. Haha, Here’s one about the Vale Firework that took place in Birmingham. Apparently, it is a yearly thing.

I had no other expectation but to watch fireworks at 9PM. I went to Birmingham with my small luggage seeing that I knew I had to stay over at my friend’s place because there is no way I’m going on a train home late at night after the firework show is over, even if it’s just a 17 minutes train journey back home.

As usual, there’s always place to meet up and gather together before walking to the place where the Firework took place. We reached the Vale around 7:30PM and I was exposed to so many rides and nightlight. I never expected the place to somewhat be a carnival. Hahaha.

Loud music blasted everywhere I went. I had to hold one of my friend’s hands just so I won’t get lost or lose track with all the other crowds. It was very packed, lively and loud to the point that I had to shout instead of talk.

Everywhere I went, I saw a lot of churros vendors and fun fair rides, the type of rides you’d see around amusement parks. Personally, I don’t mind going onto any rides, as long as I have someone that I can scream with. Thank god, one of my friends wanted go and try out one of the rides.

Originally, we planned to go onto 3 rides, starting with an “easy” one. She adorably referred it as the “baby ride” when in fact it was still thrilling.

No, really, it was.

Off we went and OH. MY. GOD????

 I spent the 5 minutes ride screaming my lungs out. At that moment, It hit me, I just remembered the horror and shocking feeling that you normally get on those crazy insanely fast rides that makes your eyes want to pop out and your lungs to stop functioning. But guess what? All along, that’s what I needed. No, not the horrific feeling of rides, but those screams. I needed to scream. I needed to let everything out, all my worries, everything. From that day on, I was less homesick. How less? probably 80% less.

I got out of the chair, laughing but then looking at my friend and thinking “Nah man, I think that’s enough. I’m good. No more rides yo. That was scary.”

At least that was the plan. One ride, and thats it.

But….no. Hahaha

I got forced by my friends to join another ride that was said to be “fun” when all I witnessed from the outside before entering was just, hell. Hahaha. I went in anyways. Unfortunately, I forgot the name of the ride but oh my goodness, it was fun!

I had a high expectation that it’d be scary to the point that I was just holding my friends’ hands and reciting “Bismillah” over and over again thinking that I’d be done with life after the ride. It turned out to be amazingly enjoyable and I wound’t mind going onto it for another 5 times.

After those 2 rides (more than enough, tbh), We all went to meet up to watch the firework that was going to start in 15 minutes. As we all gathered around, feeling excited to see the firework, the count down started.





PEW PEW PEW PEW ! ! ! (sound of firework, pls.)

Beautiful colourful fireworks started to shoot across the sky. What made it more appealing was the combination of the song choices that was played out loud syncing with the fireworks shooting looking gorgeous as ever! It was 10 times more fun as we all sang along together to the song.

Whoever was in charge of the playlist, kudos to you mate. You did superbly well.

That was it for the night. I had a lovely time, of course. I’m just glad I screamed my lungs out.

To many more memories to come. For now, I’ll get back to my assignment. Have a lovely day!