Fieldtrip to Lake District

Its currently 10PM right now, and about an hour ago, I just arrived home.

Personally, I am not the type of person who goes out at night. Ever since I’ve been living alone, by 4PM, I have never stepped a foot outside my door. Never.

When it comes to exploring, I’m in-between. I get excited but most times I feel overwhelmed and in result, I choose to stay indoors instead. Especially when its dark outside. I should mention that it gets dark quite early here, so I tend to shut myself in my room.

I know that might make you think I’m boring (yes actually, I am.) but trust me – I’m up for adventures and exploring ONLY when I’m a 100% certain and convinced that I’ll be okay. The idea of going out at night tend to pull my motivation to go out, back.

Today, I went on a field trip to Lake District with people from my uni, which I think was organised by the student union committee here. We left at 9AM via bus with a lot of other students. It was pretty much packed to the point that I wasn’t able to choose a seat of my own choice. I prefer sitting next to the window, but there wasn’t any luck.

Mind you, I didn’t know anyone who was joining the field trip and the only reason why I joined it in the first place was because I needed to get out of my room and I thought – hey, a field trip wouldn’t hurt, as a matter of fact – I wanted to explore, even if it meant not knowing anyone who I came with. Making friends never really bothered me as much as it’s something that I don’t think anyone should be afraid of.

My seat was the one next to the aisle, so that kind of ruined my I-want-to-listen-to-music-and-look-outside-the-window-so-i-can-feel-like-im-in-a-music-video idea.

20 minutes into the ride, I felt horribly carsick (or should I say, bus sick AHAAAAAA). There was this guy who had a very strong scent from his cologne that made me feel dizzy, so to distract and prevent myself from vomiting, I decided to download Spotify and listen to other songs that doesn’t require me to tap on “skip” every single time.

I’m sure people tend to do that once their used to the songs that they have on their playlist, don’t lie.

I discovered 7-14 amazing new songs, legit. I’m not even kidding. Fresh Eyes by Andy Grammer is one of them. ITS SOOOOOO GOOOOOOD

I noticed an obvious scenery transition once we arrived there. I looked through the window and I could see everything was all compact, the streets are all close together. I could see little cute shops arranged in rows that made it seem more packed and crowded. The colours of the environment was rather dull and grey. Let’s just say it was more of a stoney-solid type of style and design used in Lake District. Everything was in fact, squeezed-in altogether.

Personally, I get distressed in places that’s too crowded and packed where I feel as though everything is just tight and cramped. At the same time I feel uncomfortable when I’m in a big city where everything is loud and busy, It terrifies me to be honest, which is why I REALLY love where I’m staying.

Wolverhampton is just perfect for me. I could go anywhere in the UK to explore and go on adventures, but at the end of the day, I would always prefer to go back to Wolverhampton, it’s homie and at least that doesn’t make my dreadful home-sick feeling any worse.

As for Lake District, don’t get me wrong – It’s beautiful in its own way.

I didn’t make any friends on my way there considering I had my earphones on and fell asleep the whole journey there. But once we’ve all went out of the bus, I started making friends. We were told by the lady who organised the trip that we had exactly 4 hours to explore the place by our own will. Wherever we wanted to go, it was up to us, as long as we discipline ourselves to meet again by 5:30PM.

Off we all went on our separate ways. I was lucky enough to have met girls that were so lovely and kind. We looked after each other and made sure no one is going to get lost or separated.

We went on the Windermere Lake Cruise and chose to go to Ambleside which is also being referred to as the ‘Waterhead Pier’ via ferry.

It was such a pleasant 20 minutes ride with beautiful scenery to look at that I didn’t mind the cold air harshly blowing and ruining my hair every now and then.

Everything was so breathtaking. I swear I repeatedly said “Wowwwww” like a billion times.

By the time we reached Ambleside, we strolled around the area that was filled with not only people, but also boats. Honestly, I think it was all so beautiful.

We looked around, took photos, saw some cute sheep and goats along the way. There was always something that we found interesting as we walked around and just went with the flow.

We found the Bridge House, which is one of the most Iconic building in the Lake District. It’s a small building yet people are interested to go inside and explore it despite how small it is. Of course, there’s a history about the Bridge House which I have to shamefully admit I know nothing about, I didn’t even ask. Hahaha

We went around the crowded places and appreciated the scenery. I focused more on the buildings and how everything was all cottage-like. There was a cinema that was constructed in an old fashion way which actually amazed me. We walked from one place to another with a lot of stops to take snaps of photos to carry and keep as part of our memories.

We used the last 40 minutes there to go to several gift shops and I noticed that they sell antique and unique items. Shells are highly popular there and not to mention real gems! My friends went crazy choosing keychains and pins. I, on the other hand, decided to buy myself 2 alphabetical magnets (H & S) Hahahaha. Pretty obvious what those stand for. (If you don’t know it, you don’t know me that well hohoho. It’s okay)

I’ve decided to collect alphabetical items, specifically H and S, from different places that I go to, so that’s partly a motivation for me to get up and actually explore, weeeeeeee! 😀

We left at 5:30PM, and arrived home around 9PM. That’s a first. I felt weird to know that I had to walk back in the dark, but the moment I stepped outside the bus and arrived in Wolverhampton, I felt relieved. I love Wolverhampton. Really, I do. I’m ‘home’ and I’m safe.

Today was definitely a good day and I can’t wait to amaze myself with more memories.

I hope you all have had a good day so far, I know I surely did 🙂


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