Wiser but not older.

Now..before I start sharing my thoughts on this post about one of the many things I’m truly in awe about, I would just like to sincerely say a huge gigantic massive humongous thank you to the people who made an effort and time to read the posts that I have put up and now this. Really, thank you.

(also deep apologies for being MIA for two weeks straight – been nothing but occupied.)

Let’s get straight to me spilling the beans, shall we?

Just recently, I started my first seminar/tutorial after weeks and weeks of lectures for 3  different modules and like most environment at universities, the lecture room is very diverse.

Everyone’s different in their own way. Even without knowing each and every one of them personally, It’s fascinating to know they have different backgrounds of their own individual lives.

So when I walked into my seminar last week, I sat down with my friends, ready for our first actual uni session where we can finally interact with others and start discussing in pairs or in groups about the particular topic we were learning, there was this lady who was and is one of people doing the same course as I am.

She sat next to me and I noticed she ’s older than me. Much, much older. You may think I’m insulting her, I’m not. I never did to begin with. As a matter of fact, I was and still am amazed by her.

I had a small talk with her before the session started. She mentioned that she wanted to become a counsellor (I’d high-5 her, but it just wasn’t the right moment. haaa)

Anyway, she started talking about just having to find out that an extra year of training is needed and is vital for people who wants to become a ‘proper’ counsellor.

It’s true – to be a counsellor, it doesn’t just mean you need to finish the 3 years undergraduate Psychology course and then that’s it – you’re in. nah man.

There’s a bit more that needs to be done. In order to earn the title to go into a specialist route in Psychology, it requires us to take a one year programme of training.

Back to the subject – she was full of passion; dreaming and wanting to reach that goal, but her eyes showed concern and worry when she said “But i’ll be 57 then..

This lady, who by the way, has the most soothing voice, and not to mention is very lovely, felt somewhat uneasy about the idea of having to spend more years to reach her ambition.

The thought of “so close, yet so far” was written at the back of her mind. She was worried about her age being unsuitable to go down the academic road.

But my oh my, if only she knew my perception of her. Her as a whole person. She shouldn’t be recognised by her age, but rather – her bravery.

For her to apply and do an undergraduate course despite how old she is, is already an act of bravery. She’s a lot more than that and my god, she’s incredible.

If only she knew.

If only she knew how remarkable I find her that she’s courageous enough to study with everyone else in the classroom when her, on the other hand, feels uncomfortable.

If only she knew how much I respect her to have the guts to actually attend the lectures delivered every week despite the stereotypical assumption of “mothers should be at home, doing the house work, taking care of their children, etc

If only she knew how wonderful that makes her, not just as a psych peer, wife, mother. But her as a whole person. I have nothing but respect for this woman.

Point is – Knowledge isn’t limited. Taking a step back doesn’t necessarily mean you’re tripping and falling backwards, it could mean so much more, like stepping up your knowledge game.

Age shouldn’t play a role as an expiry time scale. Especially if it requires us to gain more knowledge.

People often think that they should just give up on something that they find is unacceptable or unreachable for them to reach and achieve.That’s incorrect. Not everything that you hope for will be assigned to and for you straight away.

Whatever it is –

If it’s meant be, it will be.

This line doesn’t need  to be associated with the idea of ‘love’, it could be something else, like your career path, your passion or as what my dad would say ; your dream.

Don’t rush to find yourself and think “I have to do this now so I know what to label myself as.”

You will make mistakes and that’s okay.

You’ll get tired and sometimes you need a break. It doesn’t mean you have to change what you wanted or planned to achieve before this that you might’ve thought, failed.

You can always, always go back and try to go for what you wanted to before, even if it means, going to uni at the age of 50.

Sometimes your time right now, isn’t the right time.

There shouldn’t be a specific order, such as finish high school, get degree, do masters, get married. No, not for gaining knowledge, that is.

Your faith stays the same, regardless what happens in the process of your life. You just need time, you’ll eventually get there (Tawakkal.)

As for the lady, my title says it all, with her knowledge – she’s getting wiser, not older.

Some may disagree about what I’ve said on this post, but these are just my opinion and thoughts. Might be subjective, maybe.

My perspective aren’t always accurate with other people’s point of view, but I hope my words above made a lot of sense. (atleast..)

Last but not least, remember that knowledge is unlimited and it is okay to want to know a lot more than you already have.