Botanical Garden outing

As some of you may have already known, I’ve just moved to UK to further my studies. It has been a month since I left home, and 3 weeks since my parents left me after spending about 10 days here trying to make sure everything is alright and settled.

I haven’t properly gone out of Wolverhampton yet considering I’m still settling in and getting to know the places and ways around the town. I haven’t even properly figure out the ways to my uni classes to be real with you so imagine how clueless I am about other places.

However, I decided to let myself have a break from uni preparations just so I don’t over-stress myself. Lucky for me, the Brunei society that I was under, had a plan in mind for some outing and it was in fact promised to weigh off the uni stress from our shoulders. So I decided to join rather than locking myself indoors.

The actual society I was under, is located in Birmingham which means I have to take a 17 minutes train ride if I plan to join in any events that was held by the group. However, I never really had a problem with that. It’s good to have an excuse to get out of my place once in a while.

So we all met up at the FiveWays station and of course, it wasn’t a surprise to expect the others to arrive half an hour early seeing that we are all Bruneians so of course the “janji melayu” thing was normal and expected, Hahaha. Bless them.

We made our way to the Botanical Garden within 20 minutes walk. Fun fact; I had trouble getting the actual name in my head right, so I tend to make the mistake of pronouncing it as the “Booty Call Garden” instead of “Botanical Garden”. Forgive me.

But anyway, What a cute place! It’s not often that you get to surround yourself with trees and plants here, unless you’re in Brunei then yes, easy as pie. Go outside and there you have it.

We all went walked around as a group, it was good because I knew I needed to feel somewhat ‘homie’ and being around Bruneians, helps a lot especially if you have a sweet bunch like them.

From looking at the different types of plants, to looking at different birds and pronouncing weird names given to the plants, it was all very interesting.

I spent most of time smelling roses because I had just dumbly realised that the “Bandung” drink is rose flavoured, LOL, so I literally started to sniff and smell all the roses after learning that fact. Apart from sight seeing all those beautiful colourful flowers,  we spent our time playing around the playground with all the swings and slides. I honestly thought was a fun activity especially knowing that we deserve to let the kid inside us out rather than trying so hard to be an adult and have our minds focus on all the serious stuff like assignments and deadlines.

I had fun and I was more amazed by the dead pink leaves on the ground, but all in all, It was worth it and I’m sure everyone needed that kind of stress relief.

For that, I hope for many more random outings with these bunch. No promises made that I’ll come for every event considering that I’m still settling in and the fact that I need to commute from Wolverhampton to Birmingham. Nonetheless, I wish the Bruneians in the UK, full of luck in their studies.