Coke VS Me

I’m back with a story to share about a random point of subject – A bottle of Coca Cola.

If you know me personally, you would have already known that I drink Milo everyday.

Literally. Throughout my whole entire life – Milo, Milo, Milo.

It’s one of the things that determines my mood. If I turn grumpy, no Milo available could be one of the reasons.

Milo is still an on-going obsession. However, I used to be VERY obsessed with drinking fizzy drinks. I love Pepsi the most. My god…..3rd post up on this blog and I’m already revealing how unhealthy I am. What a bad impression. I’m sorry. 

2 years ago, I made a New Year’s resolution to not drink any fizzy drinks.

On 31st December 2014, I spent the day drinking from bottles and bottles of Pepsi because at that moment, I knew that’d be the last time I’d be enjoying them fizzy drinks for the next 365 days!

To be honest with you, I drank 3 times in 3 different occasions that year. One was Hari Raya, LOL. But hey, I’m still proud. From being obsessed to just drinking 3 times a year? Come on, man. Progress right there.

I ‘continued’ that resolution (yes I know I broke it, shh)  this year, 2016. But I stopped and started drinking once in 3 months.

Now that I’m here, I’ve got no more Milo left ever since my parents left UK, so I started to get myself a bottle of Coca Cola once in a while. OPPSSS. HEEE.

I’m still controlling , don’t worry. 🙂

Yesterday, I bought myself a bottle of Coca Cola from the Nisa Store just 1 minute walk away. I was thirsty and happy when I got it and brought it back to my room.

One thing that I should mention – I was on FaceTime with my boyfriend and I was ready to show off my bottle of coke. So I got it out of the plastic bag, sat down, and opened the bottle cap.

Well, atleast that’s what I tried to do.

I was struggling. What’s worse is that I didn’t even have any tool of some kind to open the bottle cap. My fingers and palm turned red trying to open it. I gave up for a few seconds. The same sentence from FaceTime kept on repeating ; “I think you should just stop drinking coke, Sayang”

I ignored that advice. However, I still wasn’t able to open it. I just couldn’t.

For a moment there, I just thought that it may coincidentally be a sign that I should try to stop drinking fizzy drinks for the next few weeks.

I took out a knife, tried to cut the tight bit out and literally thought that I was making progress.

I was wrong. I’m certain I coped with it stressfully. I recited some bits over and over again to get help, still no luck. 😦


^  One heck of a Coca Cola bottle.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you the Coca Cola bottle that guaranteed the weakness of my strength yesterday. I’m either very weak or the bottle cap was just RIDICULOUSLY tight! Maybe it’s me, I don’t know.

After that incident, I can assure you I’m not strong. I can’t even fully pull open a tin cover for god’s sake.

Back to the main subject – the Bottle.

I started googling and typing away in desperation with a straightforward question;

How do I open a tight bottle?

That led me to watch a 1 minute video that I thought was useless considering that I don’t own any rubber bands that was expected to help loosen the bottle cap. LOL. I went on the ‘google ask’ and came across someone who had the exact same enquiry, about a bottle of coke, even. WEEEE!

I looked at the answers and tried the technique out. The ‘hack’ was and is super easy and I’m willing to share it here even though it’ll be useless because you might be strong enough to open a bottle without struggling like I did, embarrassingly.

So all you need to do (and this is EXACTLY what I did) is:

(1) Fill a bowl with hot water.

(2) Turn the bottle upside down and dip the tip (bottle cap area) into the hot water.

(3) Within a few seconds, turn the bottle back into the actual upright position.

(4) With force, open the bottle cap.


Be careful as the gas my fizz up and out the bottle.

You might need to use a small hand towel to open the cap as it may be hot.

Repeat the steps if you didn’t succeed in the first place.

Yes. I’m v v helpful, I know. HEEEE 🙂 🙂 🙂

It took me one go to get the achievement unlocked!

I’m still settling in the whole new experience of living independently away from home, so having to manage everything myself from dividing money spending and what to cook as well as dealing with everything else that I myself have to sort out alone (i.e the bottle cap incident, HAHAH) is in a way something that I find new, unusual yet interesting. Like I’ve always said, I’m still learning.

I’m sure there’s many more to come that I’ll be gladly to share about my experience on MY life as a uni student (may differ from other people’s personal experience ofc) and this is one of them.





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