First things first.

In all honesty, I’m nowhere close to having any idea on how I’m even going to begin this. The whole ‘original plan’ was to start blogging the day that I’ve arrived in UK which was…12 days ago – WELP, that didn’t happen, AT ALL. Not a draft, even.

So the so-called ‘I want to blog how my day went’  didn’t come about. I might just end up summarising what has been happening now that I’m free even though I’m feeling drowsy  (kind of. I have my first class tomorrow, lol, yoloooooo)

To be frank –  no, I wasn’t lazy nor was I demotivated to type anything out earlier. I wassuper-duper occupied due to the fact that I had my family along with me for the past 12 days as they’ve been helping me out here.

If anything, I wanted to make the best out of it, especially knowing how limited time can be.

Other than that, I’ve been SO swamped from balancing different tasks and running errands ever since I’ve arrived here.

From registering myself at Brunei Hall, to enrolling myself in Uni (but the Uni’s E:vision system had a ‘technical’ problem that said I haven’t been enrolled yet. HUHU It’s all good now WEEE), to having a clear objective to get some of my duties done, such as opening a bank account, checking myself in to my private accommodation and getting myself a  simcard, all in one day. HA. Here’s the problem – It was a Saturday.

Do you know what that means? I wouldn’t say it’s a ‘bad’ day, It’s probably just not thebest day to get those kind of important plans sorted.

Bank was closed meaning no simcard yet, and apparently checking in days for my accommodation are Monday-Friday. HA. HA. HA. I had my luggage with me for crying out loud.

But –

Sessunguhnya sabar its adalah separuh daripada Iman.

Bits and pieces like having myself managed to go to the bank on a proper weekday then turned my hope upside down to me getting a respond from a lady who said “make an appointment, preferably next week”

Yes, I know that’s normal. but come on, I was tired. I had to balance my time to go to my induction and everything else that I needed to do in between different tasks. Do youreally blame me for feeling a tad upset about that? (please say No. or at least shake your head. Thank you )

The last thing I wanted to feel was irritated and frustrated to the point that I’d end up feeling demotivated.

On top of all that, I just wanted to be able to rest at the end of the day knowing that I didn’t need to do anything the next day. But no, those things had to happen. But then again, nothing can always go to plan. I needed to loosen my expectations a bit.

Honestly, the ‘waiting’ had been one heck of a ride.Especially with the thought of wanting to get things done as soon as possible, whilst my parents were still here ( Yes, they’ve left

I’ll most probably get to that on my next blog. Too soon to be emotional on this blog. so bare with me)

All in all, I’m sure I’m not the only one who felt like I’ve been struggling the beginning of trying to settle myself in.

So i’m certain that this is probably just a tiny fraction of a ‘battle’ to the journey of a whole new thing.

I’m still learning. I’m sure a lot of you are too. For that, I salute all of you. Struggling or not – nothing is always easy, nothing is always hard – but life happens.

I hope this first blogging attempt didn’t bore you, if it did, I’M SORRY. Forgive me.

But If it didn’t then weeyheyyou’re the best!  Thank you. Let me give you a pat on the head ok

See you next blog ❤




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